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Software Company Benefits

The following analysis is the result from a conversation between LMC and a VP of Development from a large commercial software company. In the discussion with the VP of Development, he conveyed his main objective was to ensure the quality and timely delivery of the business applications provided to end users. We have identified the common problems facing software companies and provided the benefits of implementing LMC's ETSC application. The value of ETSC is that it improves end user/customer experience issues by improving the quality of development and implementation in which these issues normally reoccur.

The Problem
The VP of Development admitted he was feeling "the pain" of lost productivity due to support tickets being escalated to their Tier 3 & 4 teams that should have otherwise been resolved in Tier 1 & 2. He agreed that most of these tickets were related to non-code/software issues, configuration and environment issues, what we call non-functional requirements. He also noted that he has started to research the impact and cost of these "quality failures". He mentioned one specific application in which there was an urgent need to improve the quality and reduce the impact upon development.

The Solution
LMC's Unified Support Platform, ETSC, has the most impact in resolving non-software related, recurring tickets that are being escalated from the customer. The Vice President was interested with the configuration rules and their ability to improve the support model as new issues are resolved. This reduces the cost of support by freeing high costing resources by 50%. We discussed the Product Lifecycle Management concept and the mind set of approaching support differently - creating a support model that gets deployed and validated in real-time during each code release. A concern was the company's ability to get the Service team onboard to deliver and support our platform. Te beauty of the support model is that you define how much detail and rules for monitoring as new issues arise, and the model builds over time.

The Benefit
We can quantify how this organization would benefit from implementing ETSC as the environments become larger and more complicated. Pulling from 20yrs of Support experience they will benefit the most by recovering up to 40% productivity of Tier 3+ development maintenance resources while reducing the impact to internal QA/Testing quality by 20%. This alone would mean a recovery of approx. $2 million in resources. There are added values in which Support will benefit by reducing the number of Support mistakes (20%) and recurring mistakes by 66%. The Support cost saving is close to $3 million if implemented across the full organization (with 300 support employees).
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