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ETSCTM is a Development and Operations(DevOps) platform.

Real-time change control

A core function of the platform is the ability for enhanced change control and tracking. With increasing rates of change, real-time change management is a critical component of Environment Management. All changes made whether automatically (scripts) or manually by a person logging onto a server or database are traced in real time and visible to all technical users of the environment.

User access control

With 80% of system downtime attributed to the people that build, deploy, manage and support the application, tracking user access and what they are doing in real time is critical to maintaining the balance and trust between Development and Production Operations. The platform allows both sides to quickly be identify what has happened when a problem arises. If the main Development requirement is to increase the speed of change, then the main Production Operations requirement is to ensure it has the visibility and control to track every change.


Automation of common processes between Development and Production Operations is another core feature. To truly achieve increased speed from conception to benefit (requirements into production), traditional manual processes must be removed or automated. For example, Development is required to provide Production Operations with the exact specification for the configuration of all the components needed for an application. Today this is done via paper documents and Visio diagrams and the information is often outdated, incorrect or incomplete. Development is slowed down having to create these materials and they provide little value to Production Operations when received. The platform enables the application model developed and tested in Development to be used by Production Operations. It automatically determines if the environment for the application is configured as designed and tested..

Visibility and control

The DevOps Environment Management Platform provides visibility across the entire system, including all physical and logical components that are contained within it. Increasing automation without increasing visibility and control simply results in more system downtime.

Configuration management

The platform makes it simple for both Development and Production Operations to understand and communicate the configuration for an application. A real time Change Management Database (CMDB) allows for the automation and ongoing changes that occur with each release or update.


Only ETSC is designed to be used in Development as well as Production Operations. Users include developers, testers, DBA's system administers. Any where access to infrastructure has to be kept secure and tracking of user actions and changes is needed to improve the collaboration between teams.

Figure Users Of ETSC

ETSC is developed on your site or data center. It is designed to be close to the people and infrastructure that it manages. All your data is stored locally safe and secure behind your fire well. Installation is simple3-4hours, integrated to use your existing LDAP security model for users and permissions.

Applications Environment can be up and running in a little as 24 hours with minimal need for user training.

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