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How ETSC can assist your realization of DevOps?

LMC has a software application that dramatically improves the software development life cycle. There are three critical elements in the SDLC. 50% of it is the creation of software applications by software developers. 25% is taking new software releases to Information Systems Operations. The remaining 25% is the Technical Support (Break Fix Process).

“By 2015, DevOPs will evolve from a niche strategy employed by large cloud providers into a mainstream strategy employed by 20% of the Global 2000 organizations”...Gartner Consulting

Why is ETSC important to DevOps?

The growing trend of Development Operations, or DevOps, has arisen due to current SDLC poor documentation and knowledge transfer between Software Developers, IT Operations and Support (break fix). Software Development does documentation the old fashioned way. They hand created release documents usually using Word. Knowledge Transfer takes place when the new software release is passed to IT Operations with this hand created documentation. This documentation becomes more inaccurate as the application evolves and changes.

Typically there are bugs in the new software releases. IT Operations then makes adjustments to the software on their own. The documentation is rarely updated or transferred to SW Development or to Support. When trouble tickets are opened by Support, repairs can be made and tickets can be closed. Again Knowledge Transfer is incomplete between the 3 units.

A good 1/3 of the tickets get kicked back to Software Development from Support because Support does not have the skills or information to fix more complex problems. The team that created the new release gets to fix what they created.

DevOps is a Change in Thinking

The problem is Software Development spends expensive developer time fixing problems (they created) and not focusing on creating new applications so the business runs better. LMC’s application models in a realtime environment what is going on is SW Development, IT Operations and Support constantly. There is no need to hand create documentation. Thus all three groups are always on the same “page” as documentation is shared accurately. LMC’s application provides for constant Knowledge Transfer between the groups so the SDLC is always on the same reference point. This provides for continuous improvement of the software development life cycle. It accurately captures what the three groups are doinThe added benefit is that you can clearly show compliance to your regulators.

The technique LMC uses is called DevOps.

DevOps breaks down the SDLC stove pipes. DevOps is now being covered by Gartner and can be found on many sites on the internet. DevOps is a change in thinking that will continue to grow in importance.
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