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The LMC DevOps platform is designed to allow multiple, cross functional technical teams to manage complex business application environments.

Automatic Application discovery and configaration model setup

The DevOps platform allows administrator to automatically discovery and define an application configuration into a configuration model. The configuration model is compared with the actual infrastructure, the servers, Software Components such as application server, database etc. It includes an automatic comparison of software versions, settings and properties. The comparison with the model ensures that the environment is correctly installed, setup and configured as the application was designed and tested to correctly operate.

DevOps is a Change in Thinking

Figure Application Configuration Discovery

Application environment view and realtime change contraol

Activation of an environment allows users to access the application environment graphically and in real time. It allows users to logon servers, launch and run their tools and conduct normal daily operation activity around the application infrastructure. Real time monitoring automatically tracks user actions as they logon to servers, launch tools etc and real time change control automatically tracks and assigns any changes made within the environment infrastructure to the associated user.

DevOps is a Change in Thinking

Figure Operations Support

As the Technical users exit the environment. The system automatically checks for configuration changes. In this example database table content was changed. The system forces the user to explain why they made the change.

DevOps is a Change in Thinking

Figure Environment Exit

Logged on user view, external and internal change history

This opens up full visibility for everyone within any team to quickly and easily identify who has been working in the environment, what they did and what, if any changes they made and why. The system will automatically track external changes made to the infrastructure by users outside the LMC DevOps platform. These are identified as “External” changes. The user and the change are automatically recorded, but the actual reason and workflow tracking would not be available.

DevOps is a Change in Thinking

Figure Environment Overview

Two different environment configurations can be automatically compared. If an application is working in one environment, but not in another the system can compare the two environments and all the properties of each server, component and databases etc in each environment to identify any discrepancies.

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